Part 4


Heb 4:12

12 For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.      AMP

I am going to share briefly an incident that happened after our Glory to Glory conference this Spring with Katie Souza, Kathryn Marquis and Janie DuVall.

Since Kathryn Marquis and her band were around for an extra day after the conference, we put on a post conference debriefing. Here is how the day progressed.

We assembled w/band and some guests at a home in rural River Falls. There were some formalities and we exchanged gifts and cards and the host fired up the grill and we all fellowshipped and just enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. I made a brief announcement and thanked some key personnel and the Spirit of God began to move. At some point, a couple of members of the band were sharing with some of the locals about how this area had needed something like the conference and that we had prayed for quite some time. A vision was shared that had happened in the late 1980's about a bible falling from heaven on its binding and landing on the college campus where the conference was held. When it opened up, all the saints came out of the book and began to walk around on the grounds of the university. One couple got up and testified that they had prayed over 35 years earlier and saw a move of God happen and they felt very strongly that this was the manifestation of those prayers so long ago. A couple of other folks shared some things that God had put on their hearts. Then there was a time of prophecy as a number of people were ministered to by members of the band. About this time, a man pulled up on a motorcycle that he had just purchased and was going to show it to the host. He did not know we were having a "BBQ" with out of town guests. Long story short, the power of God was present to heal and he was ministered to by whole group. The host of the get together called later and left a message on my phone about how the man on the motorcycle was changed. His wife had called and asked what we did to her husband. She declared, "He's a changed man, he is helping around the house, he is being good to the whole family, he is peaceful. What happened?" This man is still changed as of this writing. PTL

I had no clue what God was up to, but looking back, this study on the "First Century Church" was also birthed on that day in June. This was just going to be a time of fellowship but ended up being a demonstration of the operation of God's Spirit under the first century model. The clue here is, these were "Feasts" celebrated in the first century. Nothing new under the sun.  (Da Da Dahhh Da Da Dahhh)

Homework (Acts 6 & 7) We discussed the reading assignment. Compared it to our "BBQ".

Where do we go from here?

The first century church and well into the balance of the first millennium, the God ordained form of worship was being eradicated from the "Christian" church and being systematically replaced with pagan holidays, worship forms and buildings. By the fourth century, Roman citizens were mandated into Christianity and in the process, the gentile Christians dragged a lot of pagan practices into the worship services. Emperor Diocletian had pretty much eradicated the leadership of the early church during his reign of terror from 287 - 305 AD, which allowed for a lot of deception to creep in and take over the overtly Messianic "Ekklesia". In part 2, we looked at the highlights of this move to remove anything Jewish from worship services. This is changing right before our eyes here in the last days.

Over the next few sessions, we will look at just what exactly was removed from the church and how to restore the power of God into the form of worship that was originally intended by God for His people.

In our next session, we will take a look at the writers of the "New Testament" lives in a snapshot sense to get a feel for first century Messianic Jewish meetings and how the scriptures were incorporated by so many. Then  we will look at the "Feasts" or Moeds. Here is a list of the "God appointed meeting times" that were practiced for many centuries in the first millennium. Listed below are the main feasts and their components for your reference so you know where we are headed.

Sabbath - Friday 6 pm evening to Saturday 6 pm evening which is also part of the 10 Commandments

Passover -


                Unleavened Bread


Pentecost -



                Holy Spirit

Tabernacles -





The cycles are

                First Month                        Passover

                Third Month                       Pentecost


                Seventh Month                                Tabernacles

The feasts correspond to the three courts in Moses' tabernacle.

                Outer Court

                Holy Place


                Holy of Holies

DO NOT TELL ANYONE "Bob Berning said to leave your church." That is not what this is about!

o  Am I telling you to convert to Judaism?                                     Absolutely not!

o  Am I suggesting leaving your current fellowship?                       Absolutely not!

o  Am I suggesting maybe looking into the scriptures to learn for yourself and seek the fellowship of like minded believers?                                             YES